"Outside the filter bubble" view

Add a feed of all the stories that my various filters have removed from my site feeds and folders - i.e. only the red-dotted ones.

Use cases:

  • Ensure that I did not filter out something I specifically like (already possible)
  • From time to time, see if my filters catch something that has emerged (e.g. I filtered out anything with “Belgium” in its title during the recent TTIP negotiations, but now I am missing out on all the other Belgian news)
  • Cosciously consume news and opinions I don’t like to mitigate the filter bubble effect.
    Edit: I want to add that I consider it one of NewsBlurs definite strengths that I have to actively create and can pop the filter bubble as I see fit, in contrast to facebook or email groups.

Inspired by a recent election.

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Hmm, this is an interesting suggestion and I’ll admit is the first I’ve heard of this idea. Implementation-wise, we are already recording the red count, so showing that feed would just require a little juggling to make it happen. 

Would anybody else like to see this?


Not sure if I’d use it actively, but that’s definitely an interesting idea - voted for it.

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I would definitely love to see this feature. The possibility of creating one’s own filter bubble should be accompanied by an easy way to pierce into it. So please give us a needle, dear Mr. Clay (-: