"Original story could not be proxied" after logging in to website

Hi, I am a member of the website The Wine Front (https://www.winefront.com.au/).

When viewing the feed in Story mode, the reading panel shows where I can login to the site.

When I try to log in (so I can see the content of the post) I then get a “this story could not be proxied” error. Is there any way I can login to the site so I can see the full post within NewsBlur?

you can add a version of the feed that has your login info.

Thanks, however I have tried this and it is still giving me a “you need log in to view this content” page.

Hi, any other suggestions for this?


Hi, sorry about the delay. It’s not looking likely, as that Story pane is a proxied version of the original website, which means cookies won’t work. This came up again earlier today as it seems folks do want to have that view do something different.

Here’s the issue. Right now that view uses a local proxy to ensure the content gets delivered. I can switch back to a non-proxied view that would allow you to login and it would work, but that would probably have to be an advanced preference. It’s certainly not the right answer for everybody, which is why the default is to use the special NewsBlur proxy.

Thanks for the response, and all good - just wanted to check in case there was issue with this particular site.

I’m having this response on most of the webcomics sites I visit (if not all) in Story mode, it has little or nothing to do with logging in on those sites. Not sure if it’s really related, or if I should make a new topic?

If you don’t see that error then I’d make a new topic and be sure to include a screenshot.

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I’m getting the “could not be proxied” error for every feed I chose to see in “story” view, it started a week ago or so. The affected feeds are almost exclusively comics, so definitely no login cookies involved.

The behavior is like this: I select an item, it starts displaying in the story view (I even have enough time to read the contents sometimes), then the error appears and the view changes to “text”. Clicking “story” after that shows the “story” view for the item as if nothing happened and does not error out again.


I am also experiencing the exact symptoms @cmm described. Stock chrome and firefox browsers in Windows 11.

Yup this is now happening to me too - on both the current version of Firefox and Chrome.

An example feed is the Pitchfork Album Reviews - I can see the page for a second and then it changes to text only and says “the original story can’t be proxied”.

I did a quick screen recording to show it, Google Drive link here

I made the above post describing this same proxy issue.

Maybe the following behaviors would improve the situation:

  1. The proxy appears to be failing when it isn’t actually failing (the story starts to load before I’m kicked back to text view). If the proxy is only partially successful, it could display that partial content.
  2. If the proxy fails, the first fallback should be a direct load of the site rather than switching to text view (which is premium only, while direct load is not). I can get to the direct load state right now simply by clicking on story after the failed proxy, so I think making that the default fail state would be an improvement. Even better would be a fast-fail so the non-proxied site loads without a partial attempted proxy site appearing to the user (faster, fewer flashing/changing views as content loads).

For kicks I tried newsblur in private mode (firefox) and the behavior was the same, so I don’t think any of my privacy extensions are related to the issue I’m seeing.

Also, while I don’t claim to really understand the proxy use-case, doesn’t proxying run the risk of showing an outdated version of the article content? One of the nominal benefits of story view is seeing the present state of the article instead of the content pushed via RSS.

I’m having the same problem, and I think it’s the same issue as this thread: Unexpected behavior when opening an article in Story mode

This happens on all feeds, regardless of what needs logging in. I don’t default to story view, but when I double click a feed, I expect it to jump straight to story view rather than auto-load into text mode like it did before this started happening in December.

Anybody have a http://www.newsblur.com/site/<feed_id> of the feed in question? I tried Pitchfork but got an older feed.

Found one: https://newsblur.com/site/6640738/ctrlaltdel-comic. Just deployed a fix. Let me know how this works out!

Thanks Sam, this worked for me once I logged out and cleared the cache.

Thank you for fixing it!

Thank you so much for fixing this! I tested a few sites and they’re all loading as expected.

Hi Sam

Not sure if it is related to your fix or just to the Pitchfork RSS feed specifically, but I am now getting an error again.

The story view loads as before and then it switches to a box, see screenshot below.

RSS feed is: RSS: Album Reviews

All hep is much appreciated.


Yeah this is Pitchfork specific. I could easily reproduce it but it’s likely their page is replacing itself as a defensive mechanism.