Organize Sites - Sites I'm not subscribed to

Good afternoon,

On my account (deezil), if I go to Organize Sites, I get my standard folders with the feeds in them. If I choose to go Flat instead of Nested, I see a bunch of sites I’m not subscribed to with mute icons out there. Some I remember that I used to subscribe to and deleted, and some I never remember subscribing to. This happened pre-redesign, just getting around to reporting it. Thanks for looking into it, let me know if there’s any more information you need.

Oftentimes what happens is that spammers will redirect blogs to their spam blogs, and that’s really what happens to many, many sites after the original authors move on.

I suggest deleting them, they’re not coming back.

I would say that’s some of them, but some of the ones that are coming up that way are things like APOD or The Atlantic which are still valid, but I don’t subscribe anymore. They’re nowhere to be found when I switch back to Nested, not in any folder or at the top or bottom. I was just wondering if there’s something causing them not to show up in one view and not in another.