Option to only show liked categories

I normally consume my feeds in the All Site Stories view of unread stories. That allows me to check all the posts from the different sites. There are some sites that I only care about a small section of data. Say I love reading Fuzzy Hat Reviews but really only care about the posts that are tagged with “Lands End” to just hear about updates to hats by Lands End. If only 1% of the articles from that site are about Lands End the rest will clutter up my feed. Is there a setting in Newsblur that lets me just see the posts that contain tags that I “liked”?

lower left corner. all, unread, and focus.


That shows only the Liked articles. I have 100 sites I like all their content and one that I only like 1% of their content. Should I then go and Like every other site to use that mode?

or you could thumbs down the whole feed, which means everything that doesn’t contain a tag you liked will be hidden.

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Ok, that works well. I’ve Disliked the whole site and then selected the Unread button at the bottom. That shows all my articles and removes the posts that I don’t like from my feed. Thanks.

Glad you figured out how to get to this working! I wish I could construct a slightly better UX for this particular use case of zeroing out the whole site except for things you want to see.