Option to change end of list behavior for "Open next folder" from All Site Stories to default folder

First off, I love Newsblur and have happily been a paying customer
since the Google Reader shutdown.  I have a feature request that
would address one ongoing slight annoyance in how the web version

Would it be possible to add a preference to Feeds -> “After marking
feed/folder read” -> “Open the next site/folder” that changes the
behavior at the end of the folder list from going to “All Site
Stories”, to instead go to the Default folder defined under
Preferences -> General  ?


Though Newsblur is mostly wonderful, one thing that I don’t like,
though is the default behavior of “Mark All As Read” for “All Site Stories”.

In any other folder, Mark All As Read just marks them and moves on to
the next folder (as I have “After marking feed/folder read” set to
“Open the next site/folder”).  But in All Site Stories, a
dialog/confirmation pops up, requiring extra clicks or keyboard entry
to continue.

I understand from other reports that this is there to provide
protection against marking large numbers of articles as read
erroneously.  But for my personal workflow, this is just an annoyance.
In fact, I have created a separate top level folder called “All” that
all my subfolders are stored in to try to workaround the behavior,
and give me a way to one-click mark all as read, but there’s one case
that stymies that approach.

When reading, I typically enter the first subfolder with articles,
read any articles of interest, and then click “Mark all as read”
(which occurs without extra prompts or warnings) and Newsblur advances
to next folder.  If its on the last folder, the article counts get
refreshed, and Newsblur goes to All Site Stories.

Now since I just finished going through my folders, there are likely
only a few new links.  If none of them are of interest, I often want
to Mark All As Read to work the same as in an individual folder.
However, because of the protectiveness of Mark All as Read, It takes
extra clicks to get the same behavior. Doesn’t sound like much, but
its an annoyance I hit several times a day.

If having an option to change the behavior of All Site Stories/Mark
All As Read isn’t an option, there’s another potential workaround. 

Adding a preference to “Open the next site/folder” that change what
happens at the end of the folder list from going to “All Site
Stories”, but instead go to the Default folder defined under
Preferences -> General

Would something like this be doable?

Thanks for the consideration.


How about I just add a preference for the mark all as read action on all site stories?

That would work too!  Having the option for mark all as read to take action immediately even on All Site Stories would be great, and solves the annoyance even more directly.

I had thought I read on other discussions that you had ruled out that idea, which is why I tried to suggest an alternative workaround.

Thanks, Samuel!

OK, deployed. You can find the option under Manage > Preferences > Feeds > Confirmation. Let me know how that works out. I’ll tweet about it tomorrow.

Thanks Samuel.  I see the option, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.  I still get the confirmation “Mark old stories as read” dialog regardless of the setting of the Confirmation preference.

Ohh, I only added it to shift+a. I suppose I should also add it to the button. Deployed. Thanks for letting me know.