Opening NewsBlur twice, second tab doesn't know first tab's read states

Opening NewsBlur in a second tab (accidentally) and marking some feeds as read, the other tab doesn’t see that. (I know, that’s actually not how to use NewsBlur…)

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If you refresh the first tab, does it update properly?

NewsBlur doesn’t refresh read status automatically unless you perform some action such as navigating. I actually think this is a feature rather than a bug as it stops articles from shifting around on you.

You can press ‘r’ to reload, which will propagate your read stories from one NewsBlur to the other.  (Wish this were as easy on iOS…)

Refreshing the first tab doesn’t change things.

Actually this is supported quite well. If you read a story on mobile or another tab, it should instantly update the unread count (and flash yellow) on the other tab. This has been supported for a few years now. What isn’t supported is updating the read status if you are reading both feeds at the same time. This is to prevent things from moving around on you.

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