Opening Feed loads application nested in Document section recursively.

Note the below recursive display of the interface, I do believe it is due to the feed no longer behaving correctly as I didn’t renew my paid services with them.

I just keep it in Google Reader for historial reasons I guess.

Anyways see attached image and Note the Error:

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Hah, that’s hilarious. I think I’ll leave it as is because it’s ridiculous and easy to get out of (just click another feed). Just don’t use the Story view for that feed. I could disable it for the feed, but I won’t be able to identify it for other feeds, so it’ll happen to another one invariably.

Yah if I come across these sorts of things I will Post them just FYI.

Yes I did expect there was anything that needed your attention to fix. Its just a minor UI thing. I have since archived the news that i was lazily holding in that feed to some proper storage. Problem solved.