open articles in a New Tab in the Background

when i used other services i tended to read the titles of articles and then open them in a new tab in the background --sometimes open a lot of tabs. Then once i had gone through all the headlines (or opened a tonne of tabs!) i start to read the articles.

I would love to see the feature of opening the articles in the background implemented in Newsblur as well. it would allow a smoother transition from headlines to articles for those of us that open many articles before reading them.


You should be able to middle-click on an article’s title to open it in a new tab (as opposed to left-clicking, which would open it in a new tab and switch to that tab).

thanks. i will give it a try. it would be nice if i could make it the default action but i found a thread dedicated to that already which i will follow.

I agree and do the same. I would love to be able to set the “o” shortcut to “open in new tab in background”.

I find it the best way to read my feeds and be able to keep items I want to focus on more for later reading when i’m done scanning my feed.

NetNewsWire had this feature and I loved it!

Yup, just switched o to open new tabs in the background. Works in Safari/IE/Chrome, but not FF, alas.


Bummer, FF is what I use… hopefully you can work with FF to make it work…

This had been working great in Chrome (“o” opening stories in a backgroun tab), but I’m on the 64-bit dev channel, and with today’s push of Version 41.0.2224.3 dev-m (64-bit), it seems “o” is now opening in a foreground tab (i.e. it switches me to the tab as it opens).

Anyone know what changed on the chrome side, or how to fix this? Or should I just move back to the beta channel (assuming the 64-bit build has made it into the beta channel yet).

yeah, I’m on 41beta and it doesn’t work :frowning:

This functionality seems to have gone away recently. Could we get an option to set open in background? I miss being able to queue up tabs like before.

Chrome 41, released earlier this month, disabled the functionality that NewsBlur used to open tabs in the background.

I created a Chrome extension that restores this functionality.  There’s a link in the Settings menu under “Goodies & Mobile Apps” to the extension.  Feel free to send me feedback or contribute to the extension, as it is available on GitHub.  Others have helped to extend it to almost completely restore the original functionality.

If you’re using FireFox, there’s information in the same Goodies menu item on how to get it to work (Set “browser.tabs.loadDivertedInBackground” to true).


fantastic, Darryl!

Amazing, thanks a bunch!