One story at a time not working correctly

Been using Newsblur since “THE” Google Reader announcement. Great program.

Since yesterday, when I view my feed (feed view is default) one story at a time and click “next unread” the next story does not come up automatically until I manually click the “feed” button…then everything works correctly. Before yesterday, this was not a problem.

Thanks for your help…


Agreed, I noticed this yesterday and did a full cache flush today. Am using and it influences all feeds

Right Ragnar…I forgot to say that I’m using as well. (also Firefox 20.0.1)

Annoying, same problem.

Same problem using dev. Firefox 17.0.3 on Win7-64. Using split view, single story at a time, defaulted to feed view, title pane on left, “show first story”.

Broke about a day ago. Clicking a story just shows all stories in the right pane, switching stories does nothing.

Discovered a workaround: switch from feed view to story view or text view then back to feed view and things work again. Have to re-do the workaround for every feed, though.

Turns out resizing the window also fixes it. Fix coming soon.

This is now fixed. Thanks for finding the bug! Just so you know, this was the result of a massive rewrite of how stories get trained. It’s much faster (although it was fast before), but more importantly training stories is now more reliable. However, it broke both the Text view and single story mode, both of which I neglected to test. But now everything looks like it’s working a’ok again.

Yes Samuel, it appears to be working now! Thanks!

Keep up the good work.

Thank you!

As of this morning it does look mostly fixed, though I am still getting the multi-story view in the right pane when I first load a feed. Selecting a story in the list takes me into single-story view, but each feed always loads showing multiples, still.