One feed hangs and they all hang...

I’m running the dev site, and I have the following feed in my list:…

As of today, whenever I click on this feed in my list (out of 50+ feeds), the feed does not load. After I click on that specific feed, none of the other feeds in my list will load. All I see is an empty box where the post titles would be, and an empty box under feed where original, feed and story are. I get the impression that the bad feed is continuing to try to load in the background, and clicking on a different feed doesn’t kill the process.

The only way to get my feeds to load again is to completely reload the page.

I’m not posting this to flame the feed authors. Rather, I figured you would need to know that the system is hanging for whatever reason.


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This is still happening to me so I looked at the site on the Newsblur iPhone app and on their website. One of the blog post titles has the html script tag in it. The title is “A Detailed Breakdown of the script Tag”, but with the actual script tag (which this comment system won’t let me add). I wonder if this is somehow causing the system to hang up?

This one took a while, but the solution was to strip all HTML from stories. Unfortunately, this isn’t retroactive, but all future stories should be OK.

Here’s the commit:…

Ahhh…thanks for fixing this. The feed is loading now, and I see the script tag has been completely stripped out of the title. Much appreciated.