Oldest Unread Not Working

Despite showing some 7,000 unread items, whenever I attempt to categorize them by Oldest/Unread it returns no feeds. If I switch it to Newest/Unread, it works fine. Just curious if this is a conflict with something recently implemented or something else? Anyone else had similar problems?

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That is strange. Are you in All Site Stories view? How many feeds is this from? Did it just stop working recently? I haven’t deployed a thing in a week as I’ve been out of town.

It doesn’t work specifically in All Site Stories view, it works fine folder by folder. And it might be because I have a ton of feeds; if I remember correctly when I first moved to Newsblur I ported something like 200 feeds over and I’ve added more since then. I’d say it only started within the last week, maybe last Weds/Thurs. Thanks for the quick reply.