Old posts reappearing

Is anyone else seeing old posts reappearing in NewsBlur? I thought it was a site’s feed issue at first, but I’ve now had multiple feeds report new posts from back to May–ones I know I’ve already read.

Xkcd and Daring Fireball were two I noticed this morning. I didn’t notice the earliest date, but saw some from May 25 and on. I saw some had likes/shares already.

I’m guessing you were on NewsBlur at 9:35p ET last night (12 hours ago). If so, it’s possible your last read dates got mistakenly moved due to the downtime incident we had. I apologize for that. Unfortunately it’s not easy to reset those read dates but it should be limited only to those feeds you read in the 10 minutes between 9:35p and 9:45p.

I also noticed this for Daring Fireball, but I’m not seeing this on xkcd. However, the potential explanation doesn’t check out because 9:35pm ET is 3:35am here, and I was definitely not online reading Daring Fireball at the time.

I don’t recall if I was on at exactly that time last night, but I saw articles from last month when I know I had read them previously. In other words I didn’t re-see articles just from last night, but saw ones from multiple weeks prior.

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Yeah, my unread articles from Daring Fireball range from May 26th until June 8th, plus one recent one.

I agree I’m seeing the same thing. Popular feeds that I follow have posts going back several weeks that I know I had already read.

Could it be something silly like someone else marking that story as read during that timeframe last night? Would explain why it seems to be hit or miss on which feeds/storyies are affected.

I’ve been having the problem, primarily with Reddit, off and on for months. Sometimes it’s just a few posts doubled in my unread feed. A few times I’ve seen hundreds of already read feed items show back up as unread.

NewsBlur a.k.a. maenad.net : jnl has been in a strange state since the downtime. The sidebar says there are two unread articles. Clicking that shows two articles from 2014. Marking the articles/feed as read doesn’t work–the sidebar still thinks there are two unread articles.

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