OH NO! THERE WAS AN ERROR - all day long

I get “OH NO! THERE WAS AN ERROR” message all day long when trying to read a feed.

Tried to re-login, dosen’t help. Tried using MSIE10 isntead of Chrome-26.0.1410.33. Is it because of the high load?


The site is basically being crushed by the increased load. Extrapolating one of Samuel’s tweets from yesterday he was seeing a 40x increase in traffic.

What Martin said! I think you may have to wait a day or so for things to settle down.

If you check out @newsblur on twitter it looks like he’s gone from 1 to 6 servers since yesterday and is now spooling up servers 7 and 8. However it appears the DB all sits on a single server at the moment and until that’s sorted I imagine things are likely to remain slow and you (and I) will keep getting the error message.

I get this error only on one of my Folders. Each feed within that folder seems to be fine.