Often one post behind even when insta-fetching this one feed


When insta-fetching this one feed, I have noticed that Newsblur often retrieve the second newest feed entry only.

Like tonight, I posted two entries to my blog and then insta-fetched them in Newsblur. Only the second newest one was picked up by Newsblur. I have seen this behavior before on the same feed.

Is there a cap on how often a feed can be insta-fetched?

https://www.aeyoun.com/rss.xml (it’s my own site)

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Insta-fetching ensures that no cache is being used. If you can see the story in the RSS feed, then NewsBlur will also see it. I’ve seen this many times and it’s usually a caching issue on the publisher’s side.

And no, there are no caps, so please don’t abuse it. (Abusing it would be insta-fetching a feed with a robot.)

I can definitely see the entry if I open up the RSS feed on the site. (And it passes feed validation.) The page is a statically generated site. No caching other than Apache’s directives.

Manually updating my own feed after publishing is not abuse, I take it? :wink: