Occasional corruption of feed items when viewing inside a folder

I was looking at an RSS feed entry from marginalrevolution.com with the following permalink:

It showed up in the Newsblur web interface as in the following screenshot:

I’m viewing marginalrevolution.com with “Site Settings” > “View Settings” > “Feed” mode, and I’m viewing the item above from inside a folder with sorting oldest first, unread items only. My browser version is current Chrome.

This is not the item’s true content. The feed can be seen here:
For some reason, Newsblur is substituting one of the comments from the permalink web page for the feed item.

Weirdly, when I look at my Marginal Revolution subscription alone (looking at the site in Newsblur, not in my daily folder), the item shows up correctly, as follows:

Similar things have been happening to items in other feeds. I have been unable, so far, to find a pattern to this corruption.

If it helps debug the issue, my newsblur username is keunwoo and I saw the problem above most recently in my “daily” folder.

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You’re on the Text view. Check the bottom of the screen.

Hmm, OK, thanks. Why does this happen in text view?

(Edit: grrr, it’s super annoying that getsatisfaction doesn’t allow you to edit the original report, I’d love to update the title…)