Obsession with Nintendo Switch?

For some time now my feed for 9to5Google (http://feeds.feedburner.com/9to5Google) shows a picture of a Nintendo Switch instead of the picture from the feed.

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I’ve been seeing this, too. I did some poking around and found this in the post body, seems to be some sort of default fallback for the dynamic Google ads. Not sure why NewsBlur is sometimes using this instead of the main image from the posts, though. That’s a question for Samuel!

 ![]()https://goo.gl/6Z2HlN"\> ![]() src="
### Nintendo" rel="nofollow" target="\_blank" title="Link https//i1wpcom/cdn02nintendo-europecom/media/images/08\_content\_images/news\_5/2017/january\_9/CI\_NSwitch\_Console\_02jpgresize3002C250038quality82038stripall038ssl1/h3Nintendo"\>https://i1.wp.com/cdn02.nintendo-europe.com/media/images/08\_content\_images/news\_5/2017/january\_9/CI\_... Switch

NewsBlur uses the Readability text extractor, and the way the code works on that page is that the Nintendo Switch story sits just so that it gets extracted with higher priority. I’ve dived deep into the text extractor and I’m afraid to say that there is little more I can do since it works for the vast majority of stories and sites.

I thought Readability was discontinued! Is there a way to test/show this? I’d like to communicate with the site owner to see if they’ll fix.