"o" key no longer works?

What has been change in the last 12 hours? I can’t open a story in a new window by hitting “o” now. I tried both IE10 and FF21. j,k navigation still behaves normally.

Does anyone else have this problem?


I came here looking to report the same problem. Very annoying. I even opened Firebug, but the JavaScript console doesn’t show any relevant errors…

Yeah, I have the same problem in firefox. Seems to be working in Chrome.

I just switched the functionality of the o key to open the new window in a background tab. Are you on Firefox?

Yep, Firefox 21 here. Indeed, in Chrome it works.

Ok, I broke this feature this morning when I changed the opening of stories into background tabs. Just fixed it for Firefox, which cannot open new tabs in the background.

Also added ‘v’ and ‘shift+v’ to open new tabs.


That’s great. It’s working again now. Thanks!