Number of saved items is always 1920

I realized that the amount of saved items is always 1920, but only after refreshing the site.
I saw it happening both after unsaving and after saving, so after unsaving let’s say 10 elements, the count would show 1910, but when I refresh the site it goes back to 1920. I did a rough estimate: number of saved stories per “screen” times how many times I click “next pg” and it is a number around 1920, so I’m not sure if the count is not the right one, or the number of stories is adapted to be 1920 (i.e. stories not shown, or something like that)

This issue is happening in a windows 7 firefox 29 laptop, and in an Android 4.0.3 cellphone.

Actually, it is not that much big of a deal, i’m just concerned that the inconsistency in the count might end up in loss of saved stories.

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Counts are separate from the actual saving of stories. I just pushed out a big change to how saved stories are counted and it’s possible there’s something off. Check this thread for more:…

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Dumb me! I saw the title of the other topic yesterday, but I didn’t read further!

I just checked the count and it updated correctly.

Thanks you!