Notification for misbehaving sites?

My normal view is “unread only” for feeds and folders. As a result, I usually don’t figure out problems in feeds unless I manually go to that feed and see that it is a misbehaving. Is there a way to notify me when a feed stays “misbehaving” for more than x number of days?

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I’m planning to have a misbehaving view in the Organizer, but it’s still a ways off. The Organizer is my next big feature. As for notifications, that may come afterwards. Oftentimes if a feed misbehaves, it repairs itself as NewsBlur continues fetching it.

Yea, anything that can show me a list of misbehaving sites without forcing me to go to “all” vs “unread” would be good. I rarely go to “all” because there is no need to, and in the process, sometimes miss out on some posts on blogs which start misbehaving.

Yes, usually those things fix themselves, but I have noticed some sites switching their feed URLs, and I don’t know if those get auto-fixed at all. (They didn’t in my case, with ~5 misbehaving feeds, all from the same domain.)