Not respecting folders when selecting a folder with no unread items

When clicking on a folder that is empty, it will load items from a different folder.


In the image, those stories are from my Finance folder, despite having clicked on the news folder.


I also have the same issue, not a major problem but probably unintended

I’ve encountered this too. It’s actually let me find some sites that had been misfiled and weren’t being shown anywhere else. I was able to properly put them back into a category.

Yeah, you’re not supposed to see empty folders (in unread/focus mode), so you shouldn’t really stumble on this. The quirk is built in for API clients. If they don’t send a list of feeds to use, NewsBlur will just use every single feed the user is subscribed to. Not a bad bug, in my opinion.

Hmm, I always see all folders even if there’s no unread threads in them. Maybe it’s a setting I put in somewhere?

Switch from All to Unread/Focus on the bottom of your feed list.

Some of us actually want to view the site in “All” mode, and review folders that have all articles marked as read. This is especially common if we quickly skimmed the feeds once, and came back to review later. Its very annoying that we can’t do this.

Found this topic after posting my problem:…