Not happy at all! I can't download all my stories like google reader!

Why can’t I see all my stories like I would on Google Reader? I just paid. I think I should be allowed to see all my stories at once. Not happy at all!!

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You can, just click on “All Site Stories”. Are you having a different issue? Let me know exactly what’s going wrong and I’m sure I can help clear it up.

Just went to the newsblur home page. First thing it says “Real-time RSS
Stories are pushed directly to you, so you can read news as it comes in.”

This is obviously not the case. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I really love the UI of the app, and really wan to stay on as a customer. But right now google reader has 488 stories that are unread for me, and news blur has zero. Not happening if this is the case.

Just noticed that I can do that, and it does help. But why is it showing that all my stories are read, when that is not the case. If the issue fixes itself moving forward I’m fine with it, just want to make sure that it is not automatically listing new stories as read.

Thanks for the quick response

If you’re referring to NewsBlur importing your Reader feeds, the unread state in Reader is not part of the import