Non-credit card payment

i dont have a credit card and want to go premium.
Is it possible to enable payment from PayPal account money? Other solutions would be welcome too, but i guess this one is really simple.

Or is there a good reason not to allow it?


I do support Paypal payments. You should be able to choose to use your paypal account money over some other method like bank transfer. In fact, I believe Paypal defaults to using your Paypal account balance before it tries bank transfer, then finally a credit card.

Sadly, its not possible without entering a credit card. I asked the PayPal customer service about it, what they said is it often is necessary to deposit credit card information for subscription based payment. I would paste the whole answer, but since it is in german you might not be able to read it.

So i guess it has something to do with the subscription nature of payment, and maybe me living in Germany.

Hey Isgar, man kann eigentlich beim deutschen Paypal auch das normal Girokonto hinterlegen und dann per Bankeinzug zahlen. Das mache ich zumindest so und damit kann ich auch Abos abschlieĂźen.

Hoffe das hilft vielleicht.

Sorry about the German intervention there, thought that might be easiest, it’s about different payment options on German PayPal. In any case, this problem could possibly be averted if the NewsBlur subscription wasn’t auto-renewed (or there was an option for that, which some people might like anyway).

Irgendwas machst du anders? Bei mir kommt das hier:

Sie müssen eine Kreditkarte hinzufügen, um den Einkauf abzuschließen. Für diese Zahlung ist momentan leider kein Lastschriftverfahren möglich.

Das ist echt seltsam. Ah, es könnte sein, dass ich aus Versehen meinen PayPal Account mit Kreditkarte benutzt habe :confused: Sorry. Normalerweise geht das mit dem Bankeinzug. Vielleicht muss der Verkäufer da was einstellen?

Seems like my idea doesn’t work. Is there an option for PayPal sellers which payment methods are allowed for the transaction (this is about automatic direct debit, a method that is very common in Germany, but not as common in the US, I guess).

Having the same problem here, also in Germany, I’m trying to go premium but Paypal says I need a credit card to finish the transaction. Usually paypal takes the money directly from my bank account, do you know if I transfer money to paypay if I will be able to subscribe? I don’t have a credit card unfortunatelly.

Nope, tried that. PP only accepts a credit card.

Well, if you don’t have a credit card and you don’t have a Paypal account, I’m afraid I can’t take your payment. If you still really want a NewsBlur premium account, write to me and I’d be happy to get you in.

The problem is, we do have a Paypal account, but Paypal only accepts cradit card payments for NewBlur while I can make payments with direct bank transfer for any other online store using Paypal.

It’s because NewsBlur is a subscription service, so you’d have to have Paypal allow you to subscribe, which I believe requires the use of a credit card. You could use Stripe, but it also requires a CC, although I believe they will one day change that so you can actually get money into Stripe without a CC, similar to how Paypal works.

Oh, too bad. I guess making it a regular service and just revoking the account if you don’t pay again after one year (after sending a reminder e-mail preferably :P) so people without a CC can contribute is not an option?

I wish I could make it happen, but I have limited bandwidth and it doesn’t look like doing all the work to support this will make enough people pay who otherwise wouldn’t.

Sad, but reasonable :slight_smile: