Noisey website feed showing duplicate items

The feed for the Noisey website:…
Is showing duplicated items. At any given time, some but not all items are doubled up. Sort by “all stories” + “newest first” to see what I mean.

The actual feed ( ) isn’t publishing duplicates, but it also isn’t using guids, so I’m guessing something weird is happening that makes NewsBlur think old items are new again.

I noticed this a few times, I’ll mark an item as read, then i’ll see it again later. I set it to show read items and, sure enough, there are two of each.

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If it’s not using guids, then NewsBlur tries to use the timestamp. If that changes, then NewsBlur will try to resolve dupes by checking content. If the content length is too small (< 500 characters), NewsBlur won’t try to merge them, resulting in dupes.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll see if I can email their tech team, and just hope they’ll fix their feed.