No way to block or report spammers

For example I feel like is probably a spam account.

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Spam account? The blurblog of the linked account is empty, it’s an issue in what way?

The URL in the user profile looks sus to me. Apparently that is not exposed in the blurblog at all, but you can see it in newsblur in the user menu > ‘View profile’.

I clean out spam accounts once a week. This particular user didn’t show up since they’ve never shared a story. If spam becomes a problem, I’ll come up with ways to deal with it. But so far the spam has been easily manageable.


I just received the following message on a post I’d shared:

7 minutes ago

planning to study in UAE?

I can’t find a way to report the user without coming here. So here I am.  Sorry to revive a thread that is a year old, but I thought it’d be better than making more clutter.

Thanks for everything you do.

Thanks for reporting the account. I run a spammer check regularly, but this account came in after last night’s run and before this morning’s run. I’m wondering if I should step up the runs or just put a CAPTCHA in at signup.

Add Google reCaptcha if possible (no idea about Get Satisfaction compatibility). I added it to the signup on a forum I run, completely stopped the spam bot attacks I had every couple of months.