No videos on my feeds. only blank squares...

Hi… On my news feeds, whenever there ́s a video in the news block I ́m getting a white blank square where the embedded video should be. I ́m not using any adblocker of anykind. This happens to me in all my computers… I have a premium account. Can you help me troubleshoot please? Thanks!



Yes, this, all the time - have to launch the website to see the video, happens in all views (original, story, feed and text) on both mac and windows - using chrome.


It’s your browser blocking mixed content, either don’t use NewsBlur over https, or get a https version of the feed.

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The problem is that the mixed content “shield” only shows up sometimes in the awesome bar, and so you can’t turn mixed content on. I don’t know if there’s anything NewsBlur can do to make sure this gets exposed, then at least you could click it to turn on mixed content…