No updates to feeds for 14 hours

Only one feed has had any updates since midnight, and it is now 14:26…
Normally I’d expect 200-350 items in that time over 37 feeds.
I’ve tried the Android app, and the Web site on PC and Android.


As you can see on the dashboard, feeds are being updated on a normal. You can view that schedule by right clicking a feed and opening Statistics. Let me know which feeds aren’t working by telling me the url when you are reading the feed.

This is most strange. I not marked or read any items since may post earlier, but all of the feeds I’ve just looked in are showing read stories between then and now.
I’ll get to to my pc to provide those those feeds details as it is a pain to try and get the info within Android.

Thanks Samuel for responding
As an example, Android Central is…

WHen I look in the feed, it is showing 15 items from today that I have not read - yet are marked read.

Gizmodo UK is showing 24 read items - which I have not read or marked

It is a similar pattern - articles showing as read that haven’t been - across all but one of my feeds.  This is markedly different to yesterday and before, when I was marking items as read, and tehy kept reappearing (I’ve a separate thread on that).  Has someone been looking in at my account?

BBC magazines articles have been appearing as the count has grown during the day, and there are none marked as read, which is correct.

PS.  On my Androids, I am using 4.6.0b2

PPS Sorry  I misread what link you wanted.

Feeds seem to be back to normal today.