No unread counts, can't view feeds

All of my feeds are showing up as if they have no unread items. Attempting to click on a feed causes a flashing blue bar at the top of the right pane. Items never appear but it will show “XX Unread items Updated XX minutes ago”

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Woah, what’s your username? As an immediate resort, try logging in with a different browser.

Just tried Safari (Chromium before), same issue. Username is ‘mikedamm’.

Doh! It’s that infernal intelligence slider. It was set to green, thus hiding everything yellow and red. At the bottom-left, just hit yellow and everything will come back.

OK, I am going to figure out some way of showing you the correct totals.

My stuff! It’s back!

I never use the Intelligence stuff, so I didn’t even think to check that. Maybe you could add a way for it to just be disabled?