No new items

I seem to have no items to view today, while I usually have at least 100 a day. I logged out and back in and nothing changed. I also tried using a different browser. Maybe its just a slow news day? I doubt it though because I have Gawker in my feed.



Seems to be an issue everyone is having (there are already several posts on it).

Unfortunately, Samuel is on vacation until early September, so nobody’s quite sure when it’s going to get fixed…

There are some workarounds that help, but are not very fun (see some of the other recent questions).

Workaround For Current Problems Aug 21+

Select website from list
Click Insta-Fetch, let run 20 sec
Refresh Newsblur (reload) to clear ‘fetching’ and stabilize
Select website feed and view stories

Thanks all!

For me, just selecting a website and refreshing worked (no insta-fetch needed).
But, I subscribe to a lot of feeds so that doesn’t fly as a great option.

Go to, download backup of your feeds, then re-import. Works for me now. HT @scottIvers