No full text for several RSS feeds


I have quite some RSS feeds, from particular sites, that don’t display the full text. For example this one:…

I’ve read that you use Readabilty to retrieve it. When I use the Readability function in BazQux Reader, then I do get the text, so something is different.


Yeah, it’s an algorithm that tries to determine the full text and it doesn’t always work. Every reader uses a different algorithm, but the one I use is Readability’s. So I’m not sure what the difference is.

I just had an other feed that doesn’t work in Newsblur:…

Every time I have this, I check the same feed in other readers like BazQux, Feedbin and Mr Reader app. All these use Readability and in all of them don’t have any trouble with retrieving the text.

Hope you can fix this.

The story URL of this example is:…

In my experience (using Mr Reader app) Pocket works better and faster than Readability. Maybe an option?

I have problems with TEXT view with following sites:……

and 55 others…

basically none of my feeds displays the mobilized TEXT page today… which is very disappointing

My wild guess is that this has something to do with the encoding fix of today (I see that your examples are Russian texts).

Might be, but it’s a server-side issue. I cleared the cache, tried different browser - the text extraction doesn’t seem to work. Hope the developers will be able to fix it soon.

Yes, that’s what I meant. It’s a server side fix, so imho clearing the cache or browser choice won’t make any difference.

I must add this happen to english sites too: