Nginx PHP-FPM forum contains articles from multiple forums.

I am trying to monitor a particular forum for web-server “nginx” from “”. The forum is called “Php-fpm Mailing List - English”. The nginx forum site says “powered by Phorum”.
The result in NewsBlur does contain that particular feed, but several other forum feeds are mixed in with it. The URL for the php-fpm forum is “,rep…”. The other forums that get mixed in have different id numbers following the “?”. For example “feed.php?2” and “feed.php?25”. I don’t know what is wrong here. If I type the RSS feed URL manually and look at the XML I see the expected small list of php-fpm articles. When I put it into NewsBlur I see the mix of many forums. Perhaps there is a parsing problem somewhere for the URL that is losing the ID number? I don’t know. Can you look please? The php-fpm traffic is very light. The mix makes it difficult to pick out the php-fpm related articles.
Another clue. For the php-fpm feed, clicking on an article title does not take me to the article on the target web site. Instead I get a repeat of the NewsBlur site in a fresh tab.
Thank you.

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