"Next Unread" button rarely works

Clicking the button to jump to the next unread item rarely works. This seems to happen with feeds that have unread items below a long list of read items.


That’s odd. This button should not have any issues. You say rarely, so does that mean on folders AND feeds? And it happens often? I’m wondering if something else is going on, like you’re using Opera or something.

I’m using Safari. It happens often. Multiple feeds, multiple times per day. I don’t view feeds by folder so I don’t know if the same problem is occurring there.

My guess is the next unread article is somewhere far down in the list and the program just stops looking for it at some point. Of course this wouldn’t be an issue if I could hide the read items.

Still having problems with the next unread button. Doesn’t always go to the next unread item. Items are also not being marked as read as I scroll through them. And it would be really nice to hide all of the read articles, it would make finding the next unread item a lot easier.

What browser/OS are you using?

Still not working properly on feeds with lots of articles. I’m using Safari 5.1.5 on Mac OS 10.7.3. Showing only unread articles would solve the problem for me as I don’t like the Next Unread button.

My problem may be related. I can’t get more than 20 stories into any feed without Jump To Next Unread failing. For example, if a feed has 35 stories unread, then I can get through 20 of them by pressing ‘j’ repeatedly, but then no more stories will load (and no more titles appear in the story listing). A green ‘15’ will still show in the sidebar and title, though.

The remaining 15 stories definitely exist; I can get to them by mouse clicking the hung feed again.

This occurs with any feed that has more than 20 stories unread. (Uncertain whether that’s an exact threshold.) All my feeds are toggled to Oldest First, Unread Only. I’m running Chrome in Win7.

mokelly, I think “j” just goes to the next item, not the next unread item. I believe “n” goes to the next unread item.

Understood, Bryn. However, when this occurs, none of the hotkeys result in the next story being fetched. Only a mouse click (or shift-j, then shift-k) retrieves the remaining stories.

I have the same problem. Log in as me and you’ll see the behavior on a number of my feeds / you have my contact info.

Similar issue on dev.newsblur.com - next unread never works, arrows do work. Chrome 25.0.1364.172, OS X 10.7.5

On dev, I have noticed that pressing ‘n’ in “All Site Stories” doesn’t advance to the next article only ‘j’ and ‘k’ work to change stories. However, when in my feed folders, ‘n’ does advance as intended and will advance to the next folder as well.

Also, if I’m reading articles by folder, and I’ve read the last unread article in my last folder, but have unread articles in other folders; pressing ‘n’ advances me to “All Site Stories”. Were the ‘n’ shortcut key doesn’t work.

However, the ‘n’ shortcut does work in “All Site Stories” on the current production interface.

On dev, I’m using the “list” view for stories in Firefox 20 on Ubuntu 12.10 x64.