"Next Site" (S-j) from dashboard goes to limbo.

1/ Idle at Dashboard, all items read, waiting for precioussss news to trickle in (with either All or Unread filter on the left-hand Stories grouper).
2/ Notice a non-zero unread item count; oh joy!
3/ S-j to jump to the first folder of unread items.
4/ Realize you’re in some weird limbo state; frown.
(5/ As a work-around, hit ‘d’ to go back to dashboard, then S-e to focus “All Site Stories” and then quickly S-j to go to the first folder. Realize this is probably causing an extra XHR request that the backend doesn’t need; decide to file this issue to help get rid of it. :slight_smile:

(Newsblur’s pretty great, and I’ve adapted from GReader pretty well, but a few workflow things haven’t carried over or map differently. This is one of the big two left.)

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This will be obvious when you reproduce, but just in case… I see the following after step (3) in Chrome’s js console:

[“Navigating to url”, “site/NaN/”] common.js:210

GET https://www.newsblur.com/rss_feeds/ic… 404 (NOT FOUND) common.js:139
k.extend.buildFragment common.js:139
k.extend.parseHTML common.js:41
a.fn.init common.js:190
k common.js:34
NEWSBLUR.Views.FeedTitleView.Backbone.View.extend.render common.js:1259
NEWSBLUR.Views.StoryTitlesHeader.Backbone.View.extend.render common.js:1456
NEWSBLUR.Reader.Backbone.Router.extend.make_feed_title_in_stories common.js:946
NEWSBLUR.Reader.Backbone.Router.extend.open_feed common.js:900
(anonymous function) common.js:1058
d.complete common.js:178
r common.js:83
m.fireWith common.js:85
B.j common.js:31
k.fx.tick common.js:178