Newsletters auto-renewing as new feeds causing massive Newsletters folder

For some reason, for almost every Newsletter (like 99%), NewsBlur starts a new “feed” every few weeks (or some interval), and then does so again after a similar period—ad infinitum. Therefore the list of feeds in the Newsletters folder expands continuously.

I’ve checked the actual URL that is used (in case it changed but was still picked up by NewsBlur) many times, and that’s not the reason (the URLs are identical). So what makes NewsBlur suddenly and arbitrarily start a new feed? In each case, the “new” feed is the one that appears to be active, because the “old” one(s) are empty of articles (or no longer appear). In some cases there are 4 feeds for the same Newsletter.

I’ve uploaded a screenshot of a good example of the problem, which left unchecked, will eventually defeat the purpose of Newsletters


Hey Andrew, thanks for the screenshot and for writing this up. Problem above is that the email address keeps changing. I’d love to know if that’s the case. It should show in the author field.

I’m working on making a change to how feeds should de-duplicate based on the title and the email address. I just deployed a fix but it’s a bit difficult to test immediately. So watch for stories coming in now to all fit into the same feed, which is based on the sender email first, and if not found, then the sender name.