Newsblur won't show feeds, stories, or sync folders.

I am having several problems with NewsBlur on my phone right now. These are new problems that began after I posted this mark as read issue and this feed listing issue. All of the issues described previously and below occurred with version 1.2 of the app.

First, when I open NewsBlur, I cannot see any feeds except for one that I placed in a test folder.

Second, NewsBlur is not syncing folders. I deleted the Test Folder in the previous screenshot days ago using the browser. As you can see below, it is not detected in the browser version:

Third, NewsBlur cannot load any stories. While Newsblur is aware of how many unread stories I have (and this matches what the browser says), I cannot actually read any stories. Whether I choose the Test Folder or All Stories, I just get an endless “Loading stories…” message.

All problems occur whether I choose Unread or All mode.

The app has become completely unusable.

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We have fixes for all of these issues coming out later this week. Stay tuned!