Newsblur wont fetch additional unread articles

This doesn’t happen to me everytime, but in some cases ill be going through a specific feed (happens more on the river of news) and even though I have more unread items, it stops completely and I have to reload the feed.

I’ve seen a few similar posts, but wasn’t sure if it was the same issue…apologies in advance if this has been mentioned already.


This happens to me, almost always when I’m on a folder, where I go through them all and get to the bottom, I think I go through like 12 or 15 and it stops, then I have to re-click the folder and start over.

I go through the feed using the J shortcut, but I seem to run into this if I use N. Other times I’ll get to the “end” and then all of a sudden it will load more, other times I’ll sit and wait for it to “all of a sudden load more” and it’ll be like 20 or 30 seconds and I’ll just click the folder and start over.

This happens to me a lot too. Have to press refresh constantly.

Samuel, can you kindly fix this issue. I notice it has been mentioned
multiple times.


I have the same issue, although I use split view, all site stories mode, unread only and I navigate with up/down. I use “r” to reload the feeds, but it’s a bit annoying. This happens everytime after 10 stories.
Even closing the titles view with shift+t won’t help.

I’m trying to piece this together, as I read by folder as well and never encounter this issue. How many stories do you see before it shows the grey end bar? 12? 100? Because there are 12 stories in a page, so I’m wondering why you are only loading a single page.

Dear Sam, have you encountered my issue as well or should I post it in a separate page?

Hey Samuel, I also have the new check box checked where it turns off the stories pane at the bottom, and previously I would “shift + T” to hide it, so I’m not sure if that has an impact. I also select “Unread” instead of “All”

Just tested it on an individual feed and it went 6 stories into the 60 and stopped at the bottom
(Picture attached)

Retesting on a complete folder, I went 11 stories into the 18 and it stopped
(Picture attached)

It happens to me every time the last post is bigger than the screen.

As an update, this has been happening a lot to me today. Its sporadic for me but id wager it happens about 30% of the time now.

This has happened very commonly while reading Hacker News; I go down the list of story titles (usually well over 100) reading selectively, but at some point the list stops scrolling more at the bottom and I’m wedged.

Today I switched from “all” to “unread” for that feed (via button at the top of the story titles pane below the feed title) and now it appears I can scroll all the way through the whole list of story titles consistently, even when the list is several times longer than the screen height.

Do all of you have the story titles pane turned off?

I do.

No I don’t

I have stories pane turned off. I also have it set to “Unread”.

Also, when I reach the “end” of my folder feed, if I use Shift + T to turn the stories pane on, it will load more stores, then I can Shift + T and it’ll go back to going through my stories. It seems to stop loading my stories and then I have to trick it to continue loading. Also, pushing R to reload works as well.

I mostly get six items displayed, then nothing further. Not sure if it’s consistently one feed or another, but used to work all the time. I’ve got split view, with title pane.

I’m seeing this problem also. In my case, only the [J] key seems to trigger this issue (I can get more stories to load with the [N] key). My browsing settings are as follows:

  • Default story order: Oldest & Unread

  • Story titles pane is hidden by default

  • I’m browsing by feed (i.e. not the river of news)

  • Using a free account at the moment

  • Using feed view

I navigate solely with the keyboard (typically with the J/K keys). When I reach the bottom of the current feed (i.e. I’ve just read 12 stories), and more stories are available, those other stores are not loaded. If I toggle the story titles pane, or if I use the N key, the remaining stories will load properly. Hopefully this info helps.

Update: Well, now I can’t seem to get this to reoccur. Maybe it only happens when you first visit the site in a fresh browser instance?

Samuel…I see you just deployed a fix for j and k keys…was that related to this? I know I used those keys to navigate almost exclusively