Newsblur upgrading screen never leaving.

Pretty simply, the announcement you made about a IIRC database upgrade keep reappearing.

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It seems this is a cache issue that some people have. What works for everybody who has seen it is to just restart the browser. I’m going to put in some cache control headers in the file next time I do a db upgrade (which should be a couple months at least).

Let me know if that doesn’t fix it. Holy crap, that needs to fix it, because I have no idea how it could be broken beyond an overly-aggressive cache.

Sadly I’ve already tried this.
I mean, this solved the issue for some time, that’s right, but it reappeared. CTRL+F5 seems to work, so it’s obviously a cache issue.
However, no need to worry, imho, because it’s just a minor issue :slight_smile:

I assume it works fine now?

Seems to be the case :slight_smile:
If I ever get the infamous screen again, I’ll tell you :slight_smile: