Newsblur subscriptions gone missing

I logged in this morning and it asked me to “re-import” from Reader. I declined the first time but every time I refreshed it asked me again so I figured it was an update or something. Now I’ve lost all the sites I subscribed to through Newsblur. Where’d they go? It’s all “wrong” now. I stopped using Reader a while ago so this is a big problem.

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I can get back anything that disappeared, so before we begin to figure out what happened, know that I have a live backup running and ready to fix any issues.

Now, did you re-import from Google Reader only to discovery nothing on the other side? The idea was that NewsBlur would just confirm how many sites you have subscribed to and you would hit Next Step. But I can see how you would think you wanted to re-import, which would wipe your sites.

What’s your username? I’d be happy to get your subscriptions back.

I did re-import from Google Reader. It wasn’t clear to me this would wipe my sites. It imported from Reader just fine. Is there some reason that when I said “skip” the first time it kept asking me every time I opened the site? I didn’t feel the need to have a “welcome to NewsBlur” at me this morning. I’m typically not a stupid user but pre-coffee my logic does occasionally fail me.

Username is ceduchess. Thanks for fixing this.

My subscriptions haven’t updated. How is that coming?

There you go. All set. Let me know if you see everything.

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