Newsblur still not as good as Google Reader

Sure miss Google Reader. Better organized. Feeds come out correctly. And the feeds go way back in time. Any suggestions?

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Tell me what’s wrong exactly and I’ll be happy to take a look. What’s the site url of the broken feeds when you open them up? Right-click on a feed and open Statistics. That will tell you what’s up with the feed.

Generally, I find it as fast as Google Reader was. And all the feeds I have in it work just fine.

I still wish it had better iOS app support. The free App is ok, but it’s kinda quirky (and crashes) and some of the UI things are screwy on it.

I think if Reeder had support for NewsBlur that would solve it for me. For OS X, ReadKit works great with NewsBlur.

I for one was extremely upset when I found out Reader was shutting down. After shopping around for a new RSS reader for over 2 months, I finally found NewsBlur and was instantly impressed. Not only did it share much of the functionality that I used from Reader, but also had its own set of unique and useful features. Best of all it had a damn good developer that actually stuck with his product to continue improving it and fix issues, and in the end thats what really counts.

Honestly the only “problem” I’ve had with NewsBlur when compared directly to Reader is memory usage due to Flash objects remaining loaded in a feed. Reader found a way to unload Flash object (and images too I assume) of stories in a feed as you read them. Lets say you’re reading a feed (take Failblog as an example), that has an image or a video on every single post. Now lets say you read 30 stories in one sitting. As you’re reading the stories Reader would start unloading the data after you’ve read 10 or so, so by the time you’ve gotten to the 30th item, only 10 previous items are loaded.

Vs NewsBlur, which at the end of the 30th item, you’d still have 30 items loaded. Which is great if you plan to scroll back up and look at previous items (If that ever happens?) but not so great for resources. You notice it the most if you’ve loaded up 20-30 items, and click on another feed, as THIS is when it unloads them all at once, and it causes the entire browser to shudder for a moment.

Really not a huge thing, and other than that NewsBlur vastly exceeds what Reader had at its time of death, and the developer is continuing to improve the product as time goes on.

So as he asked, please feel free to provide examples of how Reader was a better RSS reader than NewsBlur.

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