Newsblur skipping hidden stories when viewing them

My relevant preferences are “Oldest first”, “Unread only”, “Hide sites with no unread stories”, “Mark story as read immediately”.

When I click to view hidden stories for any feed with red tags, the following situation occurs. Assume I have these unread stories:

  1. Hidden
  2. Hidden
  3. Normal

When opening the feed, item #3 will be selected on title panel, and the story panel will display the scrolling animation all the way to #3.

Clicking #1 will select it on the title panel, but the story panel will scroll to #2. Hitting K to scroll back to #1 doesn’t work, because it’s already selected, the story panel is just at the wrong position.

Clicking on #2, or hitting J to go to the next story will mark #2 on the title panel, but the story panel scrolls to #3. Rolling down the story panel to that this panel recognizes the current visible story also triggers this behavior, and scrolls this panel to #3. From here, hitting K selects #1 and displays #1 at the story panel.

Now that both #1 and #2 are read, switching between them works properly. If you mark them as unread and try to select them, the incorrect behavior happens again.

If you need any additional information, please let me know.


I use “show hidden stories” a often as well. I have a blog where I set less interesting stories to “red” and when I’m out of stuff to read I want to browse reds. It worked well before you broke things to set up “more user friendly” slider, which I found completely useless, not friendly at all and almost deal breaker.

Learning how to use “show hidden stories” was so hard that I needed to find a message here before I realized the option even existed. I imagine it’s completely broken for people who had more blogs set up like I did, because they are required to click trough all their blogs to find all hidden stories. If I was them I would stop using newsblur…

Anyway, right now I get the same incorrect behavior with show hidden stories. When I try to use my mouse wheel to browse trough them crazy things happen. It’s hard to describe… Newsblur feed view jumps between stories back and forth and suddenly all hidden stories are set to read -.- I tried using down/up button and I got the same behavior as described in previous post. The only way to get into selectem message is to click on it on the list, then click on something else, then again on the desired story. Sometimes that will work, sometimes I will have to repeat the process twice. It’s too irritating to use…

Can’t believe I let this sit for as long as I did, but this is finally fixed. Thanks so much for diagnosing it and bringing it to my attention. I hope you enjoy using this feature, since it’s super-helpful, and I made it a step function that switches only one level at a time (goes from focus to unread to hidden in 2 separate steps).

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What matters is that now it works, I didn’t want to bother you too much about it since it’s not a major function I need daily.

Thanks a lot for the fix, it’s perfect now. :slight_smile: