Newsblur shared feeds use giant version of user icon when subscribed to like normal feeds

Somehow I subscribed to as a regular feed instead of as a special Newsblur shared feed thingy, such that it appears under my “site stories” rather than “shared stories”. (I suspect maybe I didn’t realise the Newsblur icon was a shortcut to add it as a shared story feed, and I manually added it using browser RSS icon or Newsblur’s normal “+” add feed dialog. Sidenote - would be cool if this dialog had an option for adding shared story feeds or automatically recognised them.)

Anyway the user picture comes through inappropriately gigantic. I feel like this only started happening recently - I thought maybe the feed was broken somehow and the same thing kept getting posted over and over, took me a while to realise it was just the user icon.


Repro’d here also.

Problem is that the size is specified, only to be ripped out by my cleaner on the NewsBlur-side of the feed.

…AND fixed. :slight_smile: Thanks folks!

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