Newsblur, Saved Stories, Evernote and IFTTT - A love story

I’d like to be able to quickly send my saved stories to Evernote. I see that you can send ‘email’ the story to Evernote. I also see that I can enable my Blurblog and share stories to it. I can then have IFTTT monitor that RSS feed and send those stories to Evernote.

But can’t we simplify that at bit? Is there any way just to have my saved stories automatically sent to the place of my choosing? One click and done. Or perhaps my saved stories could have it’s own rss address that IFTTT could monitor?


I’m going to be adding per-saved story tag rss feeds. I’ll be shipping story tagging after I ship the iOS 7 update, which is still a week away from shipping, due to the impossible nature of some UI bugs.

That’s great Samuel. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Yup, thanxxx alot