Newsblur Problem with "Mark Everything as Read" Feature

I just upgraded to Newsblur’s premium account a few hours ago (my Newsblur user name is “TALR60”). (By the way, Newsblur is a great product!)

Recently, I’m having problems with Newsblur’s “Mark Everything As Read” feature. When I set the feature to “Mark All Stories Older than 7 Days Old as Read,” all my stories (articles), on the feed, are marked “read” despite the stories (articles) being as recent as a few minutes/hours of today. (Also, I have not clicked on those articles such that it becomes “read.”) Please, fix this glitch.

(It seems the “Mark Everything as Read” feature is not working. When I set that feature to “Mark All Stories Older than 7 Days Old as Read” and click on the green bar below that feature, it seems to save that setting. However, when I go back to the “Mark Everything as Read” tab, it reverts back to the default of “Mark All Stories Older than 1 Day Old as Read.”)

Thanks for any assistance on this matter.

By the way, does Newsblur have an option where I can set the “Mark Early As Read” feature so that all stories (articles), on my feed, that are older than 14 days old (or older) are marked as read?

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