Newsblur, please accept Bitcoin

I am willing to pay for premium Newsblur features with bitcoin, but not credit cards. Unlike credit cards, there’s no possibility of chargeback fraud, so newsblur will be able to keep more of the money. Reddit and wordpress accepts bitcoin. Why shouldn’t newsblur?

If you’re going to use bitcoin, you probably want to use a payment processor. I heard bitpay is a good solution. They deal with all sort of stuff for you such as currency conversion, direct bank deposit, and so on. Although you could build your own payment processing solution and not have to pay fees, I doubt it will be a good use of developer time.


I would instantly buy premium of NewsBlur accepted Bitcoins.

The downside of Bitcoin is that having a wallet full of bitcoins is like having a wallet full of paper cash, if someone breaks in and runs off with it, there’s no way to get it back. And having a fat Bitcoin wallet is absolutely a hacker attractant.

Samuel has already stated he has plans to accept Bitcoin in the future.…

Morrison: if you’re worried about your wallet being stolen, don’t store them online.