Newsblur offers me old items as unread

from two days, instead of proposing only recent and unread items, newsblur offers me hundreds of articles from months and even years ago, or articles not relating to the category. Here is an example: for the keyword “collina

fleming” a dozen very old or unrelated items. It happens on the site as well as IOS apps.
What should I do?

No, it’s not the same. My problem is the following: suddendly, from few day, on Newsblur I find many old articles unread. Very old, some years also. It happens on the site as well as IOS apps and it happens during long the 24 hours.
this is a sample of my RSS/XML URL on newsblur:“via+cassia”&ie=UTF8

Thanks a lot

Ok, I figured out what’s causing it. I do not yet have a fix but I’m working on figuring it out.

Here’s the bug, which I introduced on Saturday, December 21st:

Why this is causing it I don’t know, since it’s working for the majority of feeds. But some feeds don’t have a published date and instead only had an updated date. I’m thinking I could just ask for the updated date if it exists, but the feed parsing library I’m using, feedparser, complains when I do that, which is why I made this commit in the first place.

I’m going to think it over and fix this asap.

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Ok, I’ve made the change. No stories coming in now will have that matching date pattern. Unfortunately it’s not retroactive so I can’t change the stories that already had their dates flipped. But it seems to be limited to Twitter and YouTube feeds as far as I can tell.

Now it’s all OK. Thanks a lot, have an happy new year.