NewsBlur not working right with Reeder

In the last day or so, it seems that Reeder on Mac (3.0.1) seems to be not finding the right number of new articles. Last week, it was working fine. Today…not so much.


What do the official NewsBlur apps show?

Hmm, well, the webpage shows a ton of new articles…

but as I write this, Reeder seems to now see all these articles…but it did for like 30 minutes even though I told it to sync and quit and restarted it several times.

I’m seeing weirdness with NewBlur too.  I deleted my account and signed in fresh.  Reeder shows “not synced yet”, even though it clearly downloaded articles.  If I read articles on and refresh it still shows the articles that I marked as read.  So syncing seems to be broken somehow.

I’ve been seeing similar issues using Reeder on iOS, so maybe something subtly changed in the NewsBlur API?

I haven’t launched anything recently, so it’s unlikely to be on my side. I’m also not sure what to say, since I just tested it and Reeder shows stories read on and immediately shows stories read on Reeder.

I’m stumped.  I’d suspect a Reeder problem, but Reeder hasn’t been updated in forever.  Maybe it is an underlying Sierra issue in a framework that Reeder is using?  I’m definitely getting “not synced yet”.  I even did a “reset Reeder” operation and re-added the account and Reeder still claims it has never synced.

I think it was just a blip on that day. It has been working fine since I posted the original message.

I downloaded ReadKit to try an alternate client, and it has problems too.

I get this error:

" The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format."

Maybe I have a bad source in my feed causing corruption?