NewsBlur is the real successor to GR and a real improvement:

I’m a researcher and news blood hound. I look at 4-5 thousand articles every 10 hours. I’ve used GR for a very long time and luckily I found your service. I like the fact that I am in a small way helping you bring this excellent product to the masses. I love the dev site, it is exactly what I was looking for.

My only gripe right now is that my feeds don’t update every hour as they should. I can’t insta-update my massive rss feed one by one. I’ve love to see some Readability and Pocket support also. Great work and and I’ll be using NewsBlur to keep in step with world events.


Preferences > Stories has check-boxes to turn on Pocket and Readability support. These add items to the menu you get by clicking the arrow next to story titles.