NewsBlur is down right now. Try again soon.

When fetching all site stories, times out every time for the past 2 hours or so. works fine.


Still an issue? I haven’t seen anything in the logs showing that NewsBlur’s down for anybody. Now, I did just launch a new unread count system for dev, but that shouldn’t cause NewsBlur to go down. And if it did, it would generate errors that i could aggregate.

Yes, still happening. Could it be that the large number of unread stories is just too much? I was traveling for a couple of days and the count had gotten up to 12000. On the other hand, it isn’t the first time that I am dealing with such a large count, and before it wasn’t an issue…

Dev for me works fine, maybe there is another problem specific to Rc H’s context.

It also just happened on (just once, it seems fine again now). Is it possible that this is something related to the number of unread stories and that as a result (and -just once- simply times out? I have gotten the unread count down to 10000, but that is still a lot. Will try to get it down as quickly as possible, just in case…

Nope, definitely not the unread stories. I have well over 10,000 myself (who has time to read stories when you’re working on a startup). That down message is client side, so it’s possible something timed out. Did you get the message immediately, or after 30 seconds?

Always after about 30 seconds. I actually just accessed and this time it didn’t time out! The only difference between my previous -unsuccessful- attempts and this one is that this time around, I used a significantly faster Internet connection. Is it possible that it was that simple?

Nope, that’s not it. Still on the much faster connection and isn’t loading again ( is fine)

And now the “fetching stories” bar on stops about halfway and doesn’t do anything anymore. I have let it sit for about 5 minutes and nothing happens.

What browser/OS are you on?

I am using two different computers, one uses W7, the other W8. As far as browsers are concerned, I alternate between Firefox and Chrome. On both computers -using Firefox- I now get an error (Oh no, …).

Samuel, it is still happening on Would it be helpful if I gave you my password so that you can login and see what’s going on?

Any progress on this? never works for me, about 50% of the time. Wireless/wired, makes no difference. I have a large number of feeds, could that possibly be an issue (doubtful, since it was working fine before).

Well, as soon as I got my unread count down to around 3500-4000, the problems with dev.newsblur started disappearing. Right now the unread count is below 1000 and dev.newsblur is working like a charm again. All I can relay is what I have observed and that is that somehow -for me at least- dev.newsblur has an issue with displaying/loading large unread counts, much less so.

As I am sure sooner or later my unread counts will balloon again, hopefully Samuel can figure out what’s going on and find a solution. Because as far as I am concerned, NewsBlur is a wonderful tool.

There’s something fishy going on here, as unread counts have nothing to do with that error. They couldn’t possibly, since a large unread count just has a different number than a small unread count. You aren’t actually downloading any of that data.

I wish I could tell you otherwise, but that is what I have noticed. works fine most of the time, only with lower unread counts. This happens irrespective of computers, operating systems, Internet connection, browser… Like I said, you are welcome to log into my account and see if it has anything to do with my feeds.

The only other thing I have noticed is that seems to “lag” a bit in terms of displaying the correct unread count. Say I am processing stories in and I get to an unread count of 800, close/restart Firefox, switch to, process it down to 600, then close/restart Firefox again, go back to, it will still display 800. always displays the correct count.

And now I got the “oh no…” error message with an unread count of less than 50. I give up and use instead of dev.newsblur.

Ok, I wasn’t going to add anything else, but here is my final contribution: With an unread count of 0, correctly displays nothing, whereas takes forever displaying a slowly progressing “fetching stories” bar, then ends with “oh no…”. There’s definitely something up here.