Newsblur iOS app crashes when sending email

Crashes every time I try to share via email. Composition window never appears. This is with iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone 4s.

Worked fine in prior app version.


this happens to me as well (every single time), but on an iPad 3 running 5.1.1. In general, although I’m loving the app, every session features 2 or 3 crashes – but the above scenario is the only consistent one.

iOS 5 is no longer supported. I originally disabled the app on iOS 5, but decided to allow it to run, even though it was a bit unstable. You need to upgrade to iOS 6 for full support for the app.

appreciate the reply (and quick one too) and I understand, and realize that I haven’t paid anything (yet) for the app/service. However, to state the obvious, if you make the app available on iOS 5, people will download and expect it to run on it, and run as good as on any other supported iOS version. I like your app (and service) so much that I will probably upgrade my device to iOS 6, but I have to admit to a small bit of resentment, especially at the “you need to upgrade” language you used. No, *you* (by which I mean News Blur, not you personally) need to support the versions you said you’d support (as of right now, the App Store page says “requires iOS 5.1 or later”), or change the binary so that the necessity of iOS 6 is explicit (since non-iOS 6 users will then get a “this app requires iOS6” prompt and be prevented from installing it.

In the end, since I assume your aim is for people to sign up for the paid service, you may want to take a more apologetic approach – just IMHO.

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