NewsBlur interpreting SRCSET as a single URL, not a list of options, when selecting preview image

When selecting the preview image (the small image shown to the right of each entry in the list of stories) NewsBlur is misinterpreting the SRCSET attribute in the tag of the feed.  SRCSET is being treated as a single URL, instead of as a list to be selected from.  I’ve observed this on the iOS client, the Android client, and the web interface, so I believe it’s something happening on the server end.

Examples are visible the feed at:

For example, the story “Today in rectal eel news.“has a section that includes this:”; data-size=“2000x1768” STYLE=“width: 100%; height: auto; max-width: 2000px; max-height: 1768px; border: 1px solid; box-sizing: border-box;” SRCSET=“ 2000w, 1280w, 768w, 640w, 360w” SIZES=”(max-width: 660px) 31vw, 23em">

In the HTML on the NewsBlur web interface, I’m given this:

which is trying to load,%20https://www.jwz.o…

when I would have expected

or something similar chosen from the list.

This happens with some frequency in JWZ’s feed, and he’s currently serving a special image for the malformed requests, which hopefully should make it easier to identify.
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Hey I just fixed this last night. It should work on any stories published after 11pm PT yesterday.

I’ve observed the unexpected behavior again. In the feed

For the item

I see no way this could possibly go wrong. ;

The has this:"; data-size=“894x692” STYLE=“width: 50%; height: auto; max-width: 894px; max-height: 692px; border: 1px solid; box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0 0 1em 1em; float: right; clear: right;” SRCSET=“ 894w, 768w, 640w, 360w” SIZES="(max-width: 660px) 50vw, 36em">

For the preview image on the story list, Newsblur for the web chose this URL:,%20,%20,%20

I think it was working for a while.  The item

<title>Baphomet dons his fearsome "Tree Topper" aspect.</title><link>

appears to have done the right thing, but the very next item

<title>Pale Waves</title><link>

does not.

Still an issue:…

Hi, I’m the person who wrote that comment on jwz’s blog linked above^^^.  I’m a premium customer and very interested in getting this fixed; please let me know if I can supply any additional debugging info or test a new build.


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What story is having issues? The problem is that he’s blocked NewsBlur so I can’t really debug this since everything comes up broken.

According to the comment I linked above, the story was - that’s where the image jwz references in his comment is from.

Ok, I forcibly removed all references to the broken images. If you see that red broken image again, please let me know in this thread. I need to find out what’s causing it and from what I can tell it shouldn’t be showing up anymore.

I never actually noticed the problem jwz is referencing - I don’t know if the images just failed to load silently without a “broken image” indication. :confused:

By the way I asked him to unblock NewsBlur so it should be good again.