NewsBlur for iOS 5.0b1: Not Split-view ready on iOS 9

On the iPad running iOS 9.1b2, NewsBlur doesn’t support Split View well. Here’s a screenshot:

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I don’t think this is going to happen for the upcoming update. It’s just too much work.

That’s unfortunate because I don’t think the in-app Safari view is useful compared to using Safari in Split View. At least you can resize Safari to see more content, not to mention the upcoming iPad Pro would make this even more powerful.  

Right now, in-app Safari view on the left side makes it impossible to read anything. Maybe if you put it on the right side instead, it would be more readable. 

Maybe this would be a good time to start handling the story list panel ‘correctly’? I.e let it hide itself like the inbox does in mail whenever the app is in portrait mode or in split view. This gives more space for the actual content making the app more usable.

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Yep. After all, that’s the goal of me using Safari on the right side, to read the story. I don’t need to see it in NewsBlur. 

Problem is dealing with the split view I already made with stories on the left or on the bottom, depending on where you drag that bar. Just handling that is proving to be difficult enough.